A disgusting attack

The Herald reports:

Green Party co-leader was punched in an unprovoked attack on his way to Parliament this morning.

Shaw, 45, was attacked by one person; he was grabbed and received a knock to his face.

Police have arrested a 47-year-old man over the attack. The police statement did not identify Shaw as the victim.

The victim was assaulted in Glenmore St, Kelburn at 7.50am outside the entrance to the Botanic Gardens. …

A spokesman for the Green Party said Shaw was punched in the face and suffered a black eye in the attack.

Shaw, who was walking to work from his Kelburn home, was attacked by the man who stepped out.

Luckily, two passersby stepped in after the attack. He continued on to work and attended a meeting before going

The spokesman said he then went to hospital for an assessment given he had received a blow to the head.

Shaw was not robbed and the spokesman said there didn’t appear to be a motive for the attack.

This really disgusts me. Unprovoked attacks are nasty cowardly things. The person responsible should face serious consequences for this.

If the attack on Shaw was because of his role as an MP, it is arguably even more serious. No MP should have to worry about being assaulted because someone disagrees with their politics. It is a form of attack on our democracy.

James is a really nice guy and one of the most inoffensive people in politics. It is unthinkable that he would have done anything to provoke this. It really sounds like a cowardly assault.

I hope his injuries are not serious and he is back at work soon.

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