How many falsehoods were Green members told by Shaw?

Stuff reports:

The New Plymouth District Council has moved to separate itself from the furore over the Government’s decision to give $11.7 million to the Taranaki Green School, after a video was leaked in which Green Party co-leader James Shaw told party members the council was a “funding partner”.

RNZ published a video of James Shaw during a conference call on Friday with green party members, in which he said Minister of Education Chris Hipkins gave the Green School project tacit approval because of its funding partnership with the New Plymouth District Council.

In the video, Shaw said: “He [Hipkins] did say that – assuming everything else being equal – as long as the funding partner is the [New Plymouth District] Council, which it is, that he was okay with it.”

In a statement on Thursday, Shaw said the comment, made during a videoconference with party members was a simple error.

It seems clear the Green Party members were spun, or worse.

Shaw told then NZPDC is a funding partner, and they were not.

Shaw told them Hipkins verbally approved the funding, which he didn’t.

Presumably Shaw didn’t tell them that he personally forced the Government into funding it, by refusing to sign off on the other 165 projects unless this one was included.

What else were Green members misled about?

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