Looks like no collusion

The Mueller report has been delivered to the US Attorney-General with no indictments against members of the Trump Family, and no charges laid which suggest there was collusion with Russia.

Certainly what has come out to date shows that Trump had terrible people around him, but that is nothing new.

I never thought collusion was likely because that would require a degree of organisational competence that the campaign didn’t seem to have.

This should kill any talk of impeachment, with the focus now on the 20 months until the 2020 election.

How are things looking? Well depends on who the Democrats select but here are recent net approval ratings around 800 days in:

  • Bush GHW +77
  • Eisenhower +54%
  • Kennedy +47%
  • Truman +40%
  • Johnson +36%
  • Bush GW +34%
  • Nixon +14%
  • Carter +8%
  • Clinton +6%
  • Ford +2%
  • Obama +2%
  • Reagan -8%
  • Trump -11%

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