PM announces inquiry

The PM announced:

Today it was also agreed that there will be an inquiry to look at the specific circumstances leading up to the mosques terror attack on March 15. The purpose of this inquiry is to look at what all relevant agencies knew or could or should have known about the individual and his activities, including his access to weapons and whether they could have been in a position to prevent the attack.
It will look at whether there were any impediments to the sharing of information, such as legislative or intelligence sharing challenges. The agencies we’ll be looking at include the New Zealand SIS, GCSB, Police, Customs, and Immigration want to highlight again, though: this is an inquiry that these agencies absolutely support.
 The inquiry will also look at the individual’s travel movements to and from New Zealand, and internationally; his activities in New Zealand; and his use of and his connection to others.
The terms of reference are currently being finalised, and decisions around who will lead the inquiry and what form it will take will also be made shortly. Our considerations will be public confidence in the work, timeliness, and the management of classified information. We’re also mindful, of course, that criminal proceedings are under way.

This is a good thing, and what you would expect.

would suggest though that the terms of reference might be a bit narrow. It should cover how the Police implement the Arms Act currently. Really it should be able to go into any area where changes could be made to stop a reoccurence. I wouldn’t just focus on the intelligence agencies.

But regardless of exact TOR, an inquiry is absolutely the right thing to do.

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