Siggi strikes again

Stuff reports:

A Hamilton City Councillor who wore an anti-vaccine t-shirt to an autism awareness event says she didn’t mean to cause offence.

That is pretty offensive. Basically she wore a t-shirt telling all the parents I think the reason your kids are autistic is because they were vaccinated.

But Siggi Henry, known for her strident anti-fluoride stance, is defending her anti-vaccination views, saying many parents are too accepting of medical advice.

Yeah, what has medical advice ever done for humanity, apart from increase life expectancy by 30 years or so.

A new Danish study has found that the MMR vaccination does not trigger or increase the risk of autism in children. The survey looked at more than half a million children born between 1999 and 2010 and is the single largest study on this topic to date.
Henry said she hadn’t heard of the study but later contacted Stuff to say she had read the study and that her views on the MMR vaccine hadn’t changed.
Henry uses a variety of Facebook groups to keep her informed on vaccines.

Need more be said.

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