Meet a Hamilton Councillor

Angela Cumming at The Spinoff has a very good piece on Hamilton City Councillor Siggy Henry. Here’s a summary of her beliefs and statements:

  • flu jabs are a waste of money
  • babies don’t die from whooping cough
  • there is no measles virus
  • there may not be a polio virus
  • The medical fraternity is run by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Major food corporations used tissues from aborted babies as flavour additives
  • Vitamin K shots given to babies linked to early childhood leukemia
  • Vaccinating your dogs can cause the dogs to get autoimmune diseases
  • There’s ”strong link” between fluoridated water and ADHD
  • Adults can cure their polio in just three days by taking vitamin C
  • Tampons have carcinogens in them.
  • Mammograms ”plant seeds of radiation-induced cancer”.
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