So good of them to help advise us

The Herald reported:

New Zealand has received advice from a wide range of countries on how to improve its human rights, including from Venezuela, Russia, Syria and Myanmar.
The advice is included in the United Nations draft report on New Zealand.

That’s lovely that Russia, Syria and Venezuela could share their expertise with us on how to improve our human rights so we can match their levels.

Russia wants New Zealand to consider not only a written constitution but wants to see the Treaty of Waitangi enshrined in law.
Venezuela wants the Bill of Rights Act to be given a constitutional status and it wants to see women and girls guaranteed a life free from violence.
Iran wants New Zealand to improve anti-discrimination legislation to ensure the protection of rights of ethnic minorities.
Belarus wants to see less over-crowding in prisons and better access of prisoners to quality medical services.

How can we say no to any of these proposals.

And Oman wants New Zealand to strengthen measures in the area of women’s empowerment and the promotion of equal opportunities for women.

Always amusing when a country which up until 2010 required a woman to get permission to marry to tell us we should have equal opportunities for women.

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