Hosking says keep the Crusaders


Jacinda Ardern is a compassionate, likeable, engaging and open-hearted leader who perhaps in those dreadful days post March15 had the finest moments of her premiership, not just at that point in time, but most likely ever.
It was the part of the job she is a natural at.
But knowing when to move on is an art, and if there is a criticism in our response, it is the simple truth that we might just have spent too much time and too much energy not moving forward and the Crusaders debacle exemplifies this.
No one — literally no one — was talking about the connection to the Crusaders, and religion, or history and what it may or may not mean.

The same way the Highlanders are a team, not marauding killers.
The Hurricanes are a team, not a massive destructive weather system.
The Chiefs are a team, not an insensitively, culturally inappropriately named mistake.

Good points. Will there be calls for The Chiefs to be renamed also?

It will be interesting to see what the decision will be. Whatever they decide, there will be a backlash.

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