Incompetent Council secretly extends CEO contract

Stuff reports:

After months of criticism over its handling of Wellington’s problematic bus system, a divided Greater (GWRC) has secretly voted to extend the contract of its chief executive.
The council, which manages Metlink public transport services and will play a major role in overhauling the capital’s transport network at part of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project, voted to extend the contract of Greg Campbell by two years to 2021.
It has not publicly disclosed the decision, which was made in late February.

The Regional Council has had the single biggest transport failure of recent times on its watch. And as a reward for this failure they not only extend the contract of the CEO, but they do it in secret and tell nobody.

There is widespread speculation that GWRC chairman Chris Laidlaw used his casting vote in the decision to retain Campbell, suggesting councillors were deeply divided over the issue.
With Lower Hutt ward councillor David Ogden absent from the meeting. the vote was split 6-6. Laidlaw then cast a deciding vote to extend Campbell’s contract, a well-placed source said.

Will they reveal who voted each way, so we can vote them out?

Actually it doesn’t matter. The Council has does such a terrible job with public transport that really the only way to get an effective message across is sack all 12 of them. There’s probably a couple of decent ones in there, but this is not a time to be subtle. Incompetence should have consequences.

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