IOD against gutting school boards

The released:

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is concerned by recommendations of the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce that would fundamentally change the nature of school boards, significantly reducing their role and responsibilities.
IoD Governance Leadership Centre General Manager Felicity Caird says “given the amount of change proposed and the importance of maintaining a well-functioning system, the IoD has significant concerns about the lack of robust evidence and analysis to justify the proposed changes.”
“Many of the IoD’s members serve (or have served) as trustees on school boards. It is clear from a recent survey of our members that the school board governance model is not fundamentally broken and many boards are operating effectively. Fifty-seven percent of respondents thought the current school governance model is effective or very effective, and 69% agreed or strongly agreed their school board of trustees has the right capability to govern effectively.
“We know there are some boards and schools that are not operating effectively and these situations need to be addressed promptly to ensure the school  system promotes equity and excellence,” Caird says.
“Transferring core board responsibilities to Hubs is not the answer and 63% of our survey respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed that hubs would improve the quality of school governance.

Around 15% of boards seem to struggle. The Government’s answer is to gut the other 85% whom are succeeding.

The worst aspect of the proposed reforms is that instead of parents electing school governors, the Minister of Education will appoint every school governor in New Zealand. Yes every director of every education hub would be a ministerial appointee.

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