Notre Dame falls

The Herald reports:

Notre Dame cathedral will be rebuilt – “it is our destiny” – following today’s devastating inferno, says French President Emmanuel Macron.
The famous Paris cathedral has been virtually destroyed in a massive blaze – its roof and spire have collapsed and firefighters have been struggling to contain the flames.
Although much of the 850-year-old cathedral has been gutted, Paris’ fire chief says the main structure has been saved, with the flames stopped from spreading to the northern belfry.

Macron said the cathedral was part of France’s destiny – and would be rebuilt starting tomorrow. “We will rebuild because it is what French people expect, it is what our history deserves.”

This is so so sad. After 850 years Notre Dame falls. It is arguably the most famous cathedral in the world, perhaps after St Peter’s.

But at least enough survives that rebuilding is feasible. Impossible to think of Paris without Notre Dame.

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