Jordan Carter on social media and terrorism

Jordan Carter of InternetNZ has a very useful and thoughtful blog on the Paris meeting discussing violent extremist content online.

He has six thoughts on what is needed from it to be successful:

  1. Keep the scope narrow to “terrorist and violent extremist content” rather than a wider scope which hits free speech issues. Most people accept inciting violence is not acceptable.
  2. Have clear targets: Focus on the giant social media companies with the global reach, not the entire Internet.
  3. Be clear about the ask: What do you want the social media companies to do, beyond the status quo, bearing in mind such content is already outside their terms and conditions?
  4. Have a sensible application of the ask: Overly tight automated filtering will lead to overblocking
  5. Measure success and have a cost for failure
  6. Make the discussion inclusive: This shouldn’t be a decision just for Governments.

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