No surprise – a business suicide

The Herald reports:

A vegan cafe which became a “punching bag” after introducing an 18 per cent ‘man tax’, is closing down so its owner can pursue some “hands-on” work.
Handsome Her opened in Melbourne in 2017 and made international headlines with a bold approach to making a difference in closing the gender pay gap.
The owners of the Brunswick venture asked men to pay an 18 per cent premium one week a month and advertised ruled on a chalkboard out front that included “women have priority seating” and “respect goes both ways”.
The “tax” paid by male diners went to Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women’s Services.

How utterly non-surprising that it has gone out of business.

Why only ask men to pay an 18% premium? 60 year olds earn more than 20 year olds, so a premium for them also. If Asians earn more than non-Asians (as is the case in the US), will they also charge Asians more? What about Jews? How about a surcharge on Jews because they earn more than non-Jews?

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