The horror of a pregnant suicide bomber

The Herald reports:

The pregnant wife of a Sri Lankan suicide bomber has detonated a suicide vest killing her self, her children, and police officers.
The wife of the suspected mastermind behind the Easter Sunday bombings detonated the explosives as police raided the family’s Colombo home, Sri Lanka’s Deputy Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said.

I can’t fathom how someone can kill their children, and convince themselves it is for a good cause. You must be going against every human instinct you have.

At the centre of the plot that has devastated the peaceful Southeast Asian nation are two brothers, according to reports. They were the sons of a rich spice merchant, and they lived in one of the most lavish mansions in their wealthy suburb in Colombo.
The mastermind of the suicide bomb plot is now believed to have been Inshaf Ibrahim, in his 30s, who owned a copper factory. He is said to have detonated his own explosive device at the Shangri-La hotel, by the busy breakfast buffet, a source close to the family told reporters.

Often those who fall for extremist ideology are poor, unemployed etc and hence see a way out through extremism. But what is scary here is these brothers were very wealthy, had family yet still decided that they had a duty to slaughter innocent people through suicide bombing.

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