You’re there as PM not Labour Leader

Stuff reports:

“It is one of our most important and far-reaching relationships,” said Ardern. She said the New Zealand Labour Party, in particular, was “really proud of its record of engagement”, with .
“We are particularly invested in the comprehensive strategic partnership, agreed during President Xi’s visit to New Zealand in 2014, and we are committed to advancing our ties,” Ardern said.

The PM is there as PM of New Zealand, not as the Leader of the Labour Party.

And note who was in Government in 2014 when the comprehensive strategic partnership was agreed?

“The New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement has significantly benefited both countries. China is now our largest trading partner and two-way trade recently exceeded $30 billion dollars for the first time, a significant milestone in the trading relationship.

And all credit to Clark and Goff for their finest foreign policy achievement – one that Winston Peters of course campaigned against despite being Foreign Minister at the time.

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