Government promotes vaping as smoking quit tool

Stuff reports:

Vaping is about to become a Government-recommended way for smokers to quit cigarettes.
Despite being increasingly banned in public places, the use of e-cigarettes will soon be promoted as a safer alternative to smoking by the Ministry of Health.
A campaign encouraging smokers, and particularly young Māori women, to make the switch will be launched in August and a New Zealand-specific website offering vaping information and tips will go live this month. 

While the campaign pushes vaping as a way to quit, it will also aim to stop non-smokers, particularly those under the age of 18, from picking up the electronic devices.

Good to see the Government following the science and recognising that a product which is 95% less harmful than smoking should be promoted to current smokers (but not none smokers).

Ash spokesman Ben Youden said there was still a lot of confusion about vaping and many people still thought it was as bad as smoking.
“The scientific consensus is vaping is 95 per cent less harmful that smoking cigarettes.”

While the initial outlay for equipment could vary from $50 to $100, the financial benefits quickly made up for the starting cost.
“Over a year, vaping will cost about 10 per cent of what that person would have spent on cigarettes.”

Huge saving.

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