Trump approval hits a high of 46%

Gallup has Trump at 46% approval for the first time ever. The booming economy and end of the Mueller investigation will be the major factors. Still under 50% though. So how does this compare with other Presidents at the same stage?

  1. Bush GHW 73%
  2. Eisenhower 70%
  3. Kennedy 65%
  4. Bush GW 66%
  5. Truman 59%
  6. Johnson 56%
  7. Nixon 53%
  8. Clinton 52%
  9. Obama 50%
  10. Trump 46%
  11. Ford 44%
  12. Reagan 43%
  13. Carter 40%

To some degree these comparisons are not chicken and eggs as pre 1970 was less partisan and a good President could get huge approval ratings from the other side. The two Bushes are inflated by wars so the real comparison is Trump is doing better than Reagan, Ford and Carter and a bit below Obama, Clinton and Nixon.

I think if nothing else changes it comes down to who the Democrats select. Biden (if he doesn’t implode) looks formidable. Sanders and Warren unelectable. The others, too early to tell.

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