Wellington Central Library stuffed

Stuff reports:

Things don’t look good for the Wellington Central Library with demolition on the cards.
Multiple sources have told Stuff the library has an NBS rating of 15 per cent, putting it well below code and leaving demolition “the only [cost-effective] option.”

So they’re going to save the Town Hall, used by a small minority of the city, generally the wealthy elite. But they’re not going to save the Library, which is used non stop by every day families. Great priorities.

“Technically its earthquake rating under current code is 63 per cent but when you apply the lessons that we’ve learned from the Statistics Building it is almost 15 to 20 per cent which means it needs significant work.”

I’m not an engineer but I don’t understand how a building can go from 63% to 15% just on the basis of what happened elsewhere. How many other buildings might face the same change?

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