Will Morrison get a majority

The Coalition has 74 confirmed seats, and needs 76 for a majority. There are five seats “in doubt”. Let’s look at those to see how they may go:

  • Boothby – Libs ahead by 1,311 votes with 74.6% counted
  • Chisholm – Labor ahead by 325 votes with 71.1% counted
  • Lilley – Labor ahead by 1,323 votes with 74.3% counted
  • Macquarie – Labor ahead by 620 votes with 82.1% counted
  • Wentworth- Libs ahead by 1,053 votes with 73.0% counted

The two seats the Libs lead on look pretty good. They could even take Chisholm.

Bill Shorten may be regretting the letter he wrote on February asking for a smooth transition of power.

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