Auckland Transport paying for social media influencers

The Herald reports:

Ratepayers have helped fund ’s $12,000 spend on social media influencers over the past year, a cost that has been labelled a “waste of money” by some.
Influencers like former reality TV star Viarni Bright and Mai FM presenter Lily Taurau have been paid between $1500 and $2500 for their part in a campaign.
Auckland Transport marketing specialist Rob Pitney said payment depended on the individual’s “level of fame” and number of followers on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.
“Auckland Transport uses ‘influencers’ as part of our advertising media strategy for a few areas of our business, including AT Metro, cycling and road safety,” he said.
AT would often include “an influencer or two” as part of its digital advertising plan for certain campaigns.
The average cost for a post on Instagram or Facebook was $1000.

And they wonder why they’re unpopular.

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