Gareth Morgan on TOP

Radio NZ reports:

Gareth Morgan is in the Mongolian mountains on a three-month motorcycle tour of east Asia, and the emails he fires off certainly capture a man in the midst of an adrenaline rush.
“A group of grovelling, compromising political aspirants,” he types when asked what he thinks of his former colleagues in . They lack “talent in the ranks” he spits, before he straps on his helmet and hits the next apex.

Guess he won’t be donating again!

In July 2018, The Opportunities Party announced it wouldn’t contest the 2020 election, then a month later, it announced it would. Simmons was elected leader, despite Morgan publicly backing another candidate. Morgan resigned his final positions at TOP in March this year, and said he wouldn’t give the party any more money.
Asked whether he still doubts Simmons is the right person for the job, Morgan doesn’t mince his words. He says he’s contemptuous of parties that “hang around like bad smells,” as they end up compromising their principles.
“This is where I differ very starkly from the Kumbaya crowd that Geoff Simmons has assembled. They’re little more than a cargo cult clinging on to the goodwill that TOP: 2017 created with voters.”

What’s remarkable about this fallout is Simmons was one of the people closest to Morgan and had worked for him for many years.

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