How Trump wins in 2020

Stuff reports:

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll paints a decidedly less grim picture of US President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election chances than previous polls. One question, in particular, suggests one of his main arguments could bear fruit next year. …

But there is one match up in which Trump actually leads: When voters have to choose between him and a candidate they believe is a “socialist,” Trump led 49 per cent to 43 per cent.

This is why the choice is so important. Trump will call whom ever the Democratic candidate is, a socialist. But that won’t wing true for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg.

However if the candidate is Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren, then the label may well stick – and a socialist is unelectable as US President.

The current top polling candidates are:

  1. Joe Biden 28%
  2. Bernie Sanders 15%
  3. Elizabeth Warren 15%
  4. Kamala Harris 13%
  5. Pete Buttigieg 5%

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