NZ pisses off Australia so much they tighten their visa laws further

The former did quiet diplomacy with Australia in terms of their deportations of criminals who were born in and had not become Australian citizens.

The current decided this was not the right way to deal with your friends and instead adopted a policy of having the PM denounce policy as corrosive.

Now what has been the result of this. Radio NZ reports:

In 2014, visa holders who had been sentenced to 12 months’ jail had their visas automatically cancelled. Since then, the tightened rules resulted in nearly 1600 Kiwi criminals being deported.
In a push to tighten the visas even more, the federal is now hoping to cancel visas based on a potential jail sentence.
Australian Immigration researcher Henry Sherell said people would now fail the character test for visas if this bill passed.
“If they’re guilty of a designated offence which is punishable by at least two years jail, but they don’t need to be sentenced to two years jail, they just need to commit a crime where the maximum punishment is two years.”
The change would be also retrospective.

Well done Jacinda and Winston. All your grandstanding has meant that now even more criminals in Australia will be deported to New Zealand. What a wonderful display of foreign policy.

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