So who to believe?

Stuff reported:

A five-year-old boy was assaulted by an Uber driver, his mum has claimed. 
Anna Jobsz and her son Carlo had just completed the trip with the driver from Auckland’s Ponsonby to St Mary’s Bay, when he followed them, she said.
Jobsz alleged the driver pushed her son “hard” and then stole his iPad. 

In a public Facebook post, she appealed for help in tracking down the Uber driver and warned others not to ride with him.

Why would you need to appeal for help in tracking them down, when the Uber app will identify the driver’s name, licence plate and cellphone number?

A few hours later, in another post, she claimed Carlo’s iPad had been recovered after the driver dumped it near her home in St Mary’s Bay. 

I suspect a foresnic analysis will be able to show where it has been, as it may have connected to cellphone towers or wifi.

The Herald reports the driver’s response:

The driver involved told the Herald he had worked for Uber for more than three years – completing more than 7000 trips.
It was pouring with rain when he picked up Jobsz and she insisted on putting down the window, he said.
“I said sorry ma’am, it’s raining can you please turn the window up,” he recalled.
She replied that the car smelled, he said.
“I just put a little spray on the dashboard and she said ‘oh you are putting chemicals on me and my son’.”

She then became verbally abusive, he said.
“It totally shocked me. How was the conversation going from plain normal chat to abusive language?
“It was really rude because the face and the language she was using – it was not acceptable, nobody can accept it. It’s not just me.”
He said he told her if she continued being verbally abusive, then he could not continue the ride.
She called him an “assh**le” and asked that he showed her how to cancel the ride, he said.
After cancelling the trip she stayed in the car for some time, despite the driver telling her he needed to leave to pick up another customer, he said.
As she left she banged on the car three times, scratching it with what he believes was a set of keys in her hand, he said.
“I said ‘hey ma’am what are you doing. How come you are damaging my property?’

So who to believe?

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