A call for leadership

Todd Niall at Stuff writes:

One is a protest against lawful plans to build on land first settled about 1100AD.
The other is a plea from small retailers who say they are suffering from prolonged excavation for an underground rail tunnel.
In both cases, there is a political belief that the “system” has taken care of things, endured long past the point where real leadership was called for.

Two very different issues, both suffering from no leadership.

The small retailers continued to meet, gained media coverage, and got the backing of some councillors, local MP Nikki Kaye and the downtown promotion group Heart of the City.
By the end of July, Goff’s position began to change. The mayor would not countenance compensation, but had asked the government to jointly consider a “targeted hardship fund”.
What if the government does not come to the party? Stuff asked Goff. Does the council not have some responsibility for the welfare of the city?
This is how the mayor replied:
“I’m looking at doing this through the company responsible for the project – which is CRLL – and I’m looking at doing that in partnership with the co-sponsor of the project (government). That’s the appropriate way to deal with it.”
Neither Albert St nor Ihumātao are resolved. Whether the belated engagement of political leaders in both is sufficient remains to be seen.​

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