Another call for GE law changes

The Herald reports:

New Zealand’s top scientist has acknowledged our laws around genetic engineering are “old and tired”, amid renewed calls for a fresh look at the contentious topic.
Prime Minister’s chief science advisor Professor Juliet Gerrard said the country’s working legal and regulatory frameworks were struggling to cope with technologies that hadn’t been invented when the laws were written two decades ago.
“We need a framework that is future proof and enables us to focus on the issues, not the loopholes,” she told the Herald.

The are so full of hypocrisy on this issue. They claim that NZ faces a climate emergency. They say we are on the brink of extinction. Now if they really believed that, they would be demanding every possible tool in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions be deployed, including .

If they really believed even 10% of their rhetoric, there would be no question that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vastly more important than their superstition against genetic modification.

The fact they are unwilling to budge on GM, shows that their rhetoric on us facing a climate emergency is empty and shallow.

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