Hosking on fading stardust


The rumours are rife that our Prime Minister is actually in the country this week and looking to attend to domestic matters – and she’s got a bit on her plate.


Some things she might like to actually address:
• The Ihumātao land occupation she’s insisted on involving herself in, despite her saying over and over it’s got nothing to do with government.

• The public housing crisis. Numbers last week setting another record.
• DHB debt, as of last week it has blown out to hundreds of millions.
• Oranga Tamariki baby snatching allegations and her department under siege.
• Last week’s confidence surveys numbers. Still falling, business at decade-long lows.
• The JobSeeker benefit numbers two weeks back. Once again at record numbers.
• Where is the KiwiBuild reset?
• Where is the National Cancer Agency they promised and yet were beaten to by National last week?

It is a long list of issues the Government is struggling with.

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