Arps loses

The Herald reports:

A white supremacist who shared the Christchurch mosque shooting video, and had it modified to include crosshairs and “kill count”, has lost an appeal against his 21-month jail sentence.
Philip Neville Arps, 44, went to the High Court to argue that his sentence was “manifestly excessive”.
However, in a new decision released today, Rachel Dunningham agreed with the District Court judge’s “appropriate and justified” decision.
Arps, who compares himself to Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess and owns a white supremacist-themed Christchurch insulation company was jailed in June after admitting two charges of distributing objectionable publication after the March 15 massacres.

I’m glad the sentence held up.

Arps is a good example of the limits of free speech.

His reaction to the murder of 51 innocent men, and children by a terrorist was to celebrate it, and to ask for the video of the killings to be circulated with a kill count on it.

That is clearly inciting further murder.

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