The horrible Philip Arps

Stuff reports:

A Christchurch business owner who admitted sharing the Christchurch terror attack livestream told police he thought it was “awesome”. 
Philip Neville Arps pleaded guilty on Friday to two charges of distributing the mosque murders video and was remanded in custody for sentencing on June 14.
When questioned by police about the massacre –  in which 50 people were murdered and 39 more shot and wounded – he replied: “I could not give a f…, mate.”

So he thought a video of the murder of 50 people was awesome.

Arps asked for Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll to have him assessed for a possible home detention sentence, but the judge ruled it out, indicating Arps would be jailed.


He is the owner of Beneficial Insulation, a Christchurch business reported as featuring Nazi-related themes in its name and branding.

Yep he is a true neo-Nazi.

The next day, Arps sent the video to an unknown person and asked for it to be modified with a “kill count” as people were shot, and with cross-hairs as though the viewer was looking through a rifle scope.


Arps has also been known to do Nazi salutes and yell out “Bring on the cull”.

His installation company has a website name (Bllg) which was the name of a barracks at Auschwitz.

So basically a giant douche. Of course being a douche is not a criminal offence. But circulating with glee a video of a murder of 50 people is.

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