Good decision Trevor

One News reports:

A group of Ihumātao protestors, including Youth MPs, have been banned for a year from Parliament for singing Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi in the debating chamber.  
The singing began during the second reading of the school donations bill, which would scrap the need for donations for students from decile 1-7 schools from 2020.
“Order! Order! Order! Order! I’m warning the people in the gallery to stop now,” Speaker Trevor Mallard said. 
The group of about a dozen singing continued from the public gallery seating area.  

“All individuals in the gallery will face a one-year ban from the buildings.”

A good decision. The gallery is not a venue for protests. The forecourt is the place for that. If you don’t crack down on such stuff, then they’ll do it every day.

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