Tracy’s medium-sour finale

Tracy Watkins at the Dom Post reports:

It ended less fractiously than in many years – though there were still plenty of insults to mark the final day of .

Gerry Brownlee labelled Trevor Mallard the “poor man’s David Farrar” – a reference to Mr Mallard’s new-found penchant for blogging. Labour leader Phil Goff threw back Free Willy and Whale Rider insults to Mr Brownlee.

I think Trevor laughed more at the description that I did. I commented that a more inflammatory line might be to call Trevor “Labour’s answer to Cameron Slater”. In fact I noticed Trevor stole talking points from Whale Oil this week.

Then the MPs left Parliament’s debating chamber for a glorious seven-week break, though many took a diversion to the annual Press Gallery shindig downstairs on their way out.

Many thanks to the gallery for their fine hospitality. They literally do work shifts serving behind the bar, cooking the food etc.

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