$3,000 more for a car to reduce emissions by 0.1%

Radio NZ reports:

But a Treasury report, released to RNZ under the Official Information Act, advised the government that the evidence for both proposals was “mixed”.
“Neither measure would have a significant impact on emissions,” the document says.
The report points to Transport Ministry projections which predict the “feebate” scheme would reduce emissions by just 1.6 million tonnes over 20 years.
For comparison, New Zealand’s gross emissions are estimated at 80.9 million tonnes per year.

So this scheme will cost some families an extra $3,000 per car and the impact on emissions will be minuscule.

The reduction will average 80 kT against emissions of 80mT, so a reduction of 0.1% over 20 years!

Once again the government goes for glitz over substance.

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