I knew nothing

Stuff reports:

Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff said he knew nothing of bonuses paid to executives in council agencies, now known to total more than $1 million a year.
Four council agencies have now revealed they pay bonuses, with the largest total at the council water company Watercare Services, where $543,000 was shared among 20 senior staff.
Stuff had previously revealed 38 staff at the council property and development arm Panuku, received $451,156 in bonuses, while the event and economic development agency ATEED told Stuff it had paid $121,682 across five staff.

If Goff knew nothing, it is because the Council hasn’t done its job.

The Council could set a remuneration policy that is binding on CCOs, requiring them to take account of it. That is not to say they should set remuneration but it is very common to have a board level remuneration policy that tackles areas such as bonuses.

“I want that policy looked at, I’m not happy with it,” said Goff in an interview.

So who has been the Mayor for the last three years?

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