Unhappy NZ First members

The Herald reports:

A raft of internal NZ First documents have been leaked to the media and National, revealing internal discontent about the way the party ran the last election campaign and coalition negotiations. …

Members were upset about the fact Peters had filed to sue the National Party over their alleged leaking of his Superannuation information just one day before the 2017 election.
A member sought an explanation from Peters as to how true and fair the Coalition negotiations were, given Peters was in the process of suing National while attempting to hammer out a deal to be in Government.

In response, Martin said in an email she was “deeply disappointed” by the comments.
“None of us were aware of the papers filed by the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters because that was his private and nothing to do with the formation of a government. None of us, particularly the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, are that shallow,” the email went on to say.

What absolute nonsense. the of one party files a lawsuit against the leader of a party they claim to be negotiating with, and Martin thinks this was a private matter.

Martin also appeared upset at the implication that Peters conducted the coalition negotiations without seeking advice from his caucus.
She also said she was “deeply offended” that members questioned not only the character of the Peters but had, by implication, suggested she, NZ First MPs and board members were puppets in these negotiations.

Repeat after me – “We are not puppets”, “No, we are not puppets”

The documents reveal members felt the party’s list showed disrespect for hardworking, loyal, hardworking and long-serving members, and favoured candidates who had personal relationships with those who select the list placement.
Members also complained the list process was sexist, as only three of the candidates in the top 18 were female.

Your list place has a 100% correlation to what Winston thinks of you.

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