Unhappy Russel


Picture this. Jacinda Ardern standing in the middle of Queen St on the bonnet of a tractor with her middle finger raised as ten of thousands of climate strikers stream by.
She may as well have.
Wednesday’s post cabinet announcement means that agribusiness will pay zilch for their next five years of climate polluting. No mandatory measures from the Government to drive down agricultural emissions.
A cynical flip of the bird. …

To be clear, this polluters pact between the reactionary farming lobby groups and the Government is the opposite of climate action. 
It’s the type of lily-livered politicking which we’ve come to expect from National governments.

Yet one his own (former) Green Party signed up to.

Green Party leader and Minister James Shaw concludes for the Government saying that New Zealand is finally getting down to the business of keeping the planet safer. More like keeping polluting businesses safe from those businesses and people who genuinely want to save the planet.
Be in no doubt. This is the ugly face of realpolitik from an administration that seems to care more about ending up in opposition than it does about climate catastrophe. They may discover both will come to pass.

He’s definitely unhappy.

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