Worst corporate ever?

The Herald reports:

Mason Pendrous’ family were chased for unpaid hostel bills while the university student lay dead in his room, his stepfather claims.

Defies belief.

It was only when Holland asked the young man’s friends to check on him that one climbed on to the roof at the Sonoda halls of residence and looked into his room that his body was found.

That suggests Sonoda management was hard to contact. When I was at a hostel, if we had concerns over someone we’d knock on their door, and if no answer go get a house tutor with a master key and unlock their door. If students had to climb on the roof to look in, suggests management were heard to get hold of.

Holland said he’d made numerous attempts to contact Pendrous since then and had emailed the university in August asking after his son.
“I just feel a bit frustrated that nobody, either at the university or at CLV chose after four or five weeks to chase him up. To find out why he’d not been to lectures, to find out why he’d not eaten,” he told RNZ.
“They swipe in for food. He didn’t swipe in. So at some point, an alarm bell must rise and say, ‘Hang on, he’s not eaten here for two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, whatever it is’.”

The moment he contacted the university, this is exactly what should have happened – check records. Or even easier if contact the hostel management and have someone unlock the room.

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