A year of style over substance

Bryce Edwards writes in The Guardian:

It was supposed to be the ’s “Year of Delivery” – or so Ardern declared to at the beginning of 2019. It was a neat line, because 2018 had been the “year of the working group” in which little reform was carried out, on the promise that the experts would hand the some major new policies to implement.

However as 2019 rolled on and key promises such as KiwiBuild’s 100,000 affordable houses, a and alleviating child failed to eventuate, the “Year of Delivery” line became a stick with which to beat the at every turn.

We have now learned that Ardern’s “Year of Delivery” promise was only ever a slick catchphrase dreamed up by a speechwriter, not Ardern herself.

Last week Beehive insiders told leading political journalists that the “Year of Delivery” promise was actually a spin-line produced on the fly by the PM’s top spin doctor to get his boss out of a tight situation when she needed something memorable to say at the start of 2019. The explanation from the Beehive was to convey that it’s not actually fair to hold the PM to account for a catchphrase that was never intended to be taken so seriously.

It’s good to know that the was never serious about actually delivering on their promises, and the Ardern promise was just a PR phrase her staff came up with.

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