One News reported:

An Auckland restaurant has had its windows smashed in two attacks since it hosted an ACT Party function on Waitangi Day – and its owner believes the attacks were politically motivated. 

The incidents took place over the weekend. 

Eden Bistro owner Sang Cho said it appeared a slingshot was used with a marble for the first incident, and the second “looked like they used some sort of rifle according to the CCTV footage”.

“Luckily, it happened in the middle of the night and no one was here, but I’m worried about my patrons that might come in,” he said. “They might be worried they might get fired at.”

He believes the attacks were linked to ACT leader David Seymour’s state of the nation address on Waitangi Day last week, during which he spoke out against the “hate speech regime”, firearms laws and the persecution of landlords.

Mr Cho said a neighbour told him that “about four o’clock in the morning he heard someone yelling out, ‘F*** ACT Party, f*** David Seymour!'” 

Mr Seymour said there is “no place for violence or vandalism in New Zealand politics” and Mr Cho “certainly doesn’t deserve to be caught in the crossfire”. 

“I understand these losers have left a bit more evidence than they realise and I would like to debate them on the issues outside Auckland Central Station,” Mr Seymour said. 

I hope the Police catch those responsible.

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