Impeachment as a remedy is now dead

The US Senate has voted not to hear from any witnesses, despite John Bolton having first hand knowledge of what the President said and ordered.

This is best summed up by this satire.

So there is no doubt Trump will be “acquitted”. This has significance into the future. I think that the actions of the majority have meant that impeachment is now dead as a remedy for any future President. Nixon resigned from office because there were willing to remove him from office for his abuses of office. But it impossible to imagine any future President ever having two thirds of the Senate remove them from office, no matter what they do.

I think the partisan divide will have further ramifications also. The next time the same party holds the Presidency, House and Senate I predict the Senate will quickly remove the requirement to get 60 votes to pass legislation. The minority will lose their power, and it will become winner takes all. That will please the party in power, but not be so nice when you’re the party in opposition.

I also suspect we will see other conventions die. Again if one party holds Congress and the Presidency, expect a law change to allow them to appoint more members of the Supreme Court, so they gain a majority.

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