A three way split meaning zero progress

Stuff reports:

The Government is splitting three ways on plans for Auckland light rail as the saga heads to its endgame phase.

Ministers are erring towards signing New Zealand up to a long and expensive public-private partnership (PPP), while the Greens are understood to favour something more modest. wants something more modest still, publicly suggesting that its caucus is likely to axe any proposal put to it. …

Jones also noted that there was no concrete commitment to building Auckland light rail in NZ First’s coalition agreement with Labour. He also said the party were “doubting Thomases” when it came to the “light rail kaupapa”.

Jones made the remarks despite other Government Ministers putting him “under strict instruction not to talk about light rail”, he said.

campaigned on building the first section of its light rail scheme from Britomart to Mt. Roskill by 2021.

They have 21 months left to build 13,000 metres of light rail.

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