Biden gains endorsements

Both Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have seen sanity and are endorsing Joe Biden. A split moderate lane only helps Bernie Sanders.

It doesn’t look like Warren will pull out before Super Tuesday and Bloomberg has yet to actually contest a state so he’s staying in for now. So sort of Biden and Bloomberg in the moderate lane vs Sanders and Warren in the radical lane.

The current 538 forecast is:

  1. Contested convention 65%
  2. Sanders 20%
  3. Biden 15%
  4. Bloomberg 0.2%
  5. Warren 0.1%

They are forecasting Sanders will get around 1,600 delegates, Biden 1,450, Bloomberg 600 and Warren 250. So if polls don’t change (and they probably will), it may come down to if Bloomberg pulls out early enough to allow Biden to benefit.

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