How would NZ look if we were a state of Australia?

I thought it would be interesting to look at how NZ’s Covid-19 stats look compared to the six states of Australia. Here’s how we’d rank if we were a state:

Cases per million people

  1. Queensland 201
  2. Victoria 203
  3. Western Australia 208
  4. South Australia 250
  5. New Zealand 301
  6. New South Wales 367
  7. Tasmania 375

So four states have fewer cases than us and two states have more.

Deaths per million people

  1. Queensland 0.79
  2. Victoria 2.27
  3. South Australia 2.28
  4. Western Australia 2.67
  5. New Zealand 2.86
  6. New South Wales 4.08
  7. Tasmania 14.98

So again NZ would be well down. Worth noting NSW had the cruise ship skewing its numbers.

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