It’s Victoria not Australia out of control

In NZ we tend to think Australia has Covid-19 out of control, but in fact it is really only Victoria. In fact most Australian states and territories still have a lower infection rate than NZ.

NT330       244,761             135                   –  
QLD10886   5,129,996             212                    1
WA6429   2,639,080             243                    3
SA4594   1,759,184             261                    2
ACT1133       427,419             264                    7
NZ156922   4,886,000             321                    5
TAS22913       537,012             426                  24
NSW386150   8,128,984             475                    6
VIC14659210   6,651,074         2,204                  32

So five states and territories have a lower infection rate than New Zealand.

Queensland has a large population than NZ and fewer cases and deaths.

This is not to say we shouldn’t be very happy with out stats. They are much better than the rest of the world. But most states in Australia have managed to get just as good a result.

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