Sense from Bomber

Bomber Bradbury writes:

Comparing Bridges commute to Clark’s breaching of quarantine are two seperate issues and other than the physical transportation of two men, have nothing actually in common.

Clark is the Minister of Health breaching his own rules.

Bridges, as the only counter weight of political accountability in a Police State, is doing his job.

It is up to Simon Bridges to ascertain how he does that job and if commuting that distance is what is required, then so be it!

I get we want to be tribal on the Left, especially after one of our own has screwed up so badly, but come on, these are 2 very different things.

Bomber is spot on here. Those making a fuss really are pathetic demanding the Leader of the Opposition should try and do his job from his home.

Do they think the PM should also be at home, running the country from her Mt Albert bungalow?

If this was the United States, would they be demanding that Nancy Pelosi be banned from the Capitol, and she must be confined to San Francisco.

Those making a fuss are just trying to distract from the blunders David Clark has made.

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