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has a long and trusted of telling New Zealand stories. Through some of our newspapers, that dates back more than 150 years.

Today, we’re seeking your support to keep us telling Kiwi stories for another 150 years. This reliance on our readers is in our DNA; through a of paid newspaper subscriptions as well as the time you’ve spent with us, which has attracted our advertisers.

Now, as with many other news organisations here and abroad, you can make a direct digital donation too. Donating supports Stuff’s mission to report your stories without fear or favour, and with fierce independence – it directly contributes to powering newsrooms across New Zealand.

This is a sensible move by Stuff. I think more people may donate voluntarily to a media organisation than will pay a subscription for a paywall. Time will tell.

has many great journalists whose work I enjoy – Dana Johannsen in sports, Tony Wall in investigations, Rebecca Stevenson in business, Henry Cooke in politics, Tom PS in IT, Andrea Vance, Martin van Beynen, Eugene Bingham etc. (non exclusive list).

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