A nurse with 19 convictions including manslaughter

Stuff reports:

A nurse who was convicted of manslaughter after she fatally pushed her husband has had her nursing registration suspended for six months.

In a hearing in front of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in Dunedin, the tribunal considered whether the woman’s conviction reflected badly on her fitness to practice as a nurse.

The woman, who has interim name suppression, will have to undergo six monthly tests to monitor her alcohol consumption over three years, register any employment with the Nursing Council and give employers a copy of the decision.

Ms L had been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 11 months home detention. …

“A conviction for manslaughter is one of the most serious criminal offences and constitutes a significant departure from the standards reasonably expected of a registered nurse.”

She had 18 prior convictions, all but one of which occurred during their relationship.

So she has a drinking problem, she killed her husband while pissed and she had a total of 9 convictions and the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal thinks she is fine to carry on as a nurse after a six month stand down!

And they suppress her name so we have no idea if the nurse treating us is a convicted killer!

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