Abolish the Police!

Newshub reports:

An anti-prison group is calling for the New Zealand Police to be disarmed, defunded and abolished after the end of the Armed Response Teams (ARTs) trial.

The ARTs trial was ended on Monday after months of protest from the public. But while the battle may have been won, a prison abolitionist organisation says the war is far from over.

Emilie Rākete, a spokesperson for People Against Prisons Aotearoa (PAPA) which organised the Arms Down Aotearoa movement, says the disbanding of ARTs should just be the beginning.

“We are committed to disarming, defunding, and abolishing the bloodstained, racist institution of policing and replacing it with community justice.” she told Newshub on Tuesday.

I suspect their idea of “community justice” is similar to the Great Leap Forward.

I really wish we could find a spare island somewhere and let all those people who want to live in a society with no Police to move there.

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