Garner on Labour’s huge failures

Duncan Garner writes:

This can barely deliver a letter.

Certainly all its cornerstone, showpiece, flagship promises – call them what you like – have failed, the latest being the so-called transformational billion dollar light rail project from the Auckland CBD to the Airport.

Phil Twyford the builder – could he build it – No, he couldn’t.

What can this lot do? Why are Aucklanders paying the extra 10 cents a litre petrol tax – remind me of the projects we’re paying for again?

What a massive fail. And add it to the list of shame.

Kiwibuild – fail.

Capital Gains Tax – fail.

Reducing Child Poverty – fail – the Children’s Commissioner says benefit levels need to rise for that to happen.

Climate Change? Fail – sure the zero-carbon law is here, but farmers and truckies have an out – years of consultation is hardly transformational.

But at least they have suceeded at one thing:

They have had one success though – on night – a law passed allowing prisoners who have served less than three years to vote at this election.

Passing this law under urgency!

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