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On my Patreon I posed the question, whether should stop selecting young male candidates?

I note:

In the last three years, four MPs have caused problems for National, resulting in their leaving the party or Parliament. They are Barclay, Jami-Lee Ross, Hamish Walker and now Andrew Falloon.

was 27 in 2017, Jami-Lee was 32 in 2018, Hamish is 35 and Andrew is 37.

I also note:

Is it coincidence that all four are relatively young males? I don’t think it is.

 I can speak with some authority on being a young male, as I used to be one.

In my 20s and 30s I did lots of stupid shit. Spectacularly stupid shit.  If I had been an MP in my 20s or 30s I would probably have imploded. Even in my 40s it could be questionable. It has been becoming a dad that has most changed me. Partly because the responsibility of bringing up children weighs on you massively and partly because you’re too tired to do stupid shit due to sleep deprivation 🙂

The full column on Patreon covers the issues around the four MPs, and what I think should do in future, noting they have three candidate to now undertake, and list ranking.

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