Hipkins hasn’t read his own testing strategy

Newshub reports:

Health Minister Chris Hipkins admits he hasn’t read the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 testing strategy.

It comes after Newshub revealed on Wednesday the Government was told testing all border workers was “not thought to be viable” – advice sitting in plain sight in the Ministry of Health’s official testing strategy. 

Newshub asked Hipkins on Thursday if he had read the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 testing strategy and he admitted he hadn’t. 

He’s the Minister of Health during a pandemic and he hasn’t read his own Ministry’s testing strategy!

He said he had only read the Government’s testing strategy.

“I’ve read the Government’s testing strategy,” he said. “I haven’t seen the information that the Ministry of Health has prepared.” 

And now he says that the Ministry of Health’s testing strategy is somehow different to the Government’s testing strategy. A new level of Mickey Mouse. How can the Government have a different testing strategy to the Ministry of Health that implements it?

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